Don’t Work Like A Payday Loan Lender – Check Your Credit!

You pay your bills on time, you earn sufficient income, and then why are payday loan lenders the only ones willing to work with you? It is time to do some detective work on your own and find out why other creditors are steering clear from your applications. Most often, the answer can be found right within your credit report.You know something is wrong somewhere. It will now be your job to find it. The three credit bureaus offer a free credit report every 12 months in order for you to keep better track of your finances. Use one report every four months to keep the best tabs on your credit all year long.Take a look at the report:* Do you find anything unfamiliar?* Is there an error anywhere?* Is all your personal information reported correctly? Check your address, Social Security number, date of birth and the spelling of your name to make sure there is nothing being misreported.* Double check the creditors are reporting accurate balance information.Often times, following bad advice will negatively affect your credit cards. Too much debt does not mean you should cancel accounts. It is a common misconception that if you get rid of the credit card accounts that your credit will be in better shape. So often, people will avoid opening credit without having an immediate direct need. When there is no or very little credit being reported to the credit bureaus, you score will be negatively affected.Pretend you are a creditor, and you are looking over an applicant’s credit report. You need to decide whether or not to give this person a new line of credit. Look at it from this point of view, would you give a car to someone who has never driven or has very little driving experience? Of course you would not. You would want that person to spend some getting driving experience so you have proof of their driving ability. It is similar with creditors. Don’t assume that because you do not own credit cards that your credit is good. Creditors look for proof that you know how to handle third party money. Money management is a skill which can be taught to your children and can be developed over time. Here are some things you will want to remember:* Creditors look to see a variety of loans. Some loans are open balances where the principle will go up and down with usage and payments. Credit cards are the perfect example of these types of credit. The other would be installment loans where you get a set amount and reoccurring payments over a period of time are set, like a car loan or home mortgage.* Accounts which remain inactive are not helping your score. Don’t let credit hibernate; there is no good effect on your credit card from inactive accounts. If you like to pay off your balances each month, then rotate your cards each month so they all can have some activity without the temptation of building up more debt.* Whatever you have to do, payback your loans on time. Not only is this good for your credit, it is also good for your wallet. Late and missed payments come with fees which just add onto the principle. Your monthly payments are already taxed by interest, so keep additional fees out of the equation. Payday loan lenders online are a low cost option to make on-time payments. The fees for this one short term loan are more cost effective than penalty fees without any credit damage. Protect your credit to protect your future financial opportunities.

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Social Work Research and the Effect For Schools and Public Agencies

When consumers, politicians, educators, practitioners, journalists and others in public settings are seeking answers to social problems within our community, they find them through studies including social work research. These studies benefit the public because they examine preventative methods for dealing with ongoing problems and issues in areas such as health care concerns, substance abuse, discrimination and the economy., It also studies the effectiveness of different types of organizations. An example of a study can be the risk factors associated with poverty and mental health. Another study could be about single parenting and school grades.Three major organizations known for conducting various studies include ANSWER, SSWR, and IASWR. These three associations are very integrated with one another and network widely via conferences. Information is shared with many government agencies.Communities, cities and nations rely upon these types of study results and surveys The acquired information can be channeled into figuring out school strategies, social service programs that are needed and ways to benefit those in difficult situations. Schools need to know how financial issues, abuse and parental homework support influences the way that children process information and relate to other students. Other setting that benefit from the research includes after care programs, hospitals and programs for at risk kids. Many innovative programs were born out of the deficiencies that were revealed in the studies.In publications such as the NASW journals and related social science and psychology journals, the research gets circulation. Undergraduate and graduate students also draw on these journals for research papers, dissertations and class presentations.If you find this type or career of interest, you will do well to work towards your masters or doctorate degree. Many programs in social work have an emphasis on social work research. For instance, at the George Warren School of Social Work in Washington University in St. Louis one can attain a MSW or DSW and there are over nine specific research centers enabling direct work. Some of the research centers include the Center for Mental Health Services Research and the Center for Obesity Prevention and Policy Research. Michelle Obama is specifically interested in curbing obesity and has done a lot to further this to the public.

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Technology As a Tool – School Videos Enhance Your Lesson

The use of school videos within the classroom can greatly enhance the learning experience for a given lesson when you carefully select and prepare for the viewing. Sure, you may want to rely on videos from time to time to simply teach or entertain your students while you catch up on other things, but if you only use videos for this purpose, you are missing out on some key learning tools.

Videos often have the ability to not only be compelling, but to teach ideas and concepts in a way that can be very exciting to students. This experience not only gives you and your students a break from the norm, watching school videos also introduces a different method of teaching that can be very effective.

Technology Advancements
Video has certainly come a long way from the traditional 16mm projectors used years ago. Now, technology allows for interactive engagement in the viewing experience unlike ever before. According to James Marshall of the Department of Technology at San Diego State, educational technology complements what a great teacher does naturally.

Dr. Marshall went on to note that with the ever-expanding content and technology choices available – from video to multimedia – there is an unprecedented need to understand the recipe for success, which involves the student, the teacher, the content and the environment in which the technology is used.

Students of Today
Students that come into your classroom today are considered to be digital natives in that they are used to graphics and clever visual images. As a result, many students struggle to sit quietly for a dry set of notes delivered by you. They delight in visual examples and as long as they move, they grab their attention.

To get the most out of the use of school videos, help your students interact with the video by stopping and discussing the ideas or images for a few minutes. This can lead to a better learning experience, and it helps to get the students’ attention.

Arousal Theory
In his research, Marshall highlights that different people learn best in different states of arousal. Things that work well to get my attention may not be exactly the same for you. To arouse students, you need to involve their intellect, their emotions and even their state of physical activity.

Short-Term Gratification
Students today are not used to waiting for gratification; they expect it quickly. The use of school videos helps to meet the needs of short-tem gratification, while also taking students deeper to help them to learn the pleasure of a more delayed gratification. As video offers a fast and active learning mode, you can use it to lure your students into a more in-depth learning experience.

Interest Stimulation
According to researcher, Susan Neuman, television – as one type of video – opens up new learning avenues for students, providing them with a knowledge base that can be extremely useful in school. Video is engaging, activates emotions, stimulates interest in a topic and allows students to absorb and process information.

Videos can be found on nearly every imaginable topic to use in every school subject. Through careful evaluation and selection, you will be able to find a variety of choices that can help you to enhance the learning experience for your students and you can even catch up on a little grading every once in a while.

If you’re ready to start using video in the classroom effectively, your next step is to download a free copy “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make Using Video in the Classroom” right now.


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